What have I ever done?

Hello and welcome.

Since I walked through the doors of the then mighty J Walter Thompson in the summer of ’86, the advertising business has changed almost beyond recognition.
Some of it for the better, some of it not so.

However, it’s still much better than working for a living.

Over the years I’ve worked on some of the biggest brands and household names in the world. Making use of budgets both great and very small to produce
entertaining and above all effective pieces of communication that build brands, increase awareness and sell products. In the process of making well over
250 TV commercials, countless print campaigns and no end of radio, DM, design and digital executions, I’ve been lucky enough to work in some smashing
agencies with some great copywriters, photographers, directors, musicians, actors and other creative people.

Along the way I’ve won awards in most of the major schemes. Creative Circle, Campaign Press and Poster, British TV,  Aerial and D&AD, More recently at
Kinsale, The Fresh awards, Drum, The Roses and the Soho Shorts festival. Now the doors I walk through every morning belong to my own agency Cheeky.
Who’d have thought it eh?

Enjoy this ramble through some of my career.