The Spoon Council

A self marketing/new business exercise for TDG showcasing an fully integrated creative offering.
A completely fictitious ( but plausible) client with TV ads, Print, Posters, PR Events and a viral film featuring the worlds favorite Spoon Bender, Uri Geller.
All created in house, conceived and written by yours truly, designed with help from Andy Gasson and the film spots directed by Ross Webb. As it was an in-house project, the budget was almost non existent.
See the whole lot here:

The Spoon Council Uri Geller Viral

Who else but Spoon Bender extraordinaire could
be the Honourary lifetime President of
The Spoon Council? He liked the script and
agreed to get involved, inviting us to his
home and sending himself up with great charm.
We quickly got over 10,000 hits on YouTube,
and still got comments when we revealed it
as a spoof. At the last count it had over 100,000 hits. Thanks to Matt at Loaded Dice
who edited, Graham Van As, the “interviewer”
and Ross Webb who shot it all.
And yes, he did bend one of our, very solid,
spoons and yes it was astonishing.

The Spoon Council TV

Filmed on a tiny budget using TDG staff and family
as extras, all shot in a day by the ever helpful
director Ross Webb.
Dramatising the pickle we’d all be in, everyday,
without the Spoon.
Thanks to all who let me call a few favours in.

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