Flammasun is not yet another aftersun cream. It is a sunburn treatment, that heals and soothes the affected area. Launched with new pack designs, a press and outdoor campaign along with a digital and in-store giveaway based on a paint chart. Or it would have been launched had the client not shelved the campaign at the last minute. Some you win…

ALOCLAIR Mouth Ulcer Gel

With a tiny budget we launched Aloclair Gel, the mouth ulcer treatment that doesn’t sting when applied. Using targeted sites outside stockists along with Trade and Consumer press and web-banners, we created an impactful campaign to stop people in their tracks and compete with the big spenders in the marketplace.

Bayer 150 years Celebration

A Campaign to celebrate 150 years of Bayer. Using real characters from Bayer’s history to show how the groundbreaking and pioneering work they did links to the world famous drugs they produce today. All re-created from archive photo’s using models and shot by Andy Sutton.

Yazoo Outdoor Campaign

Take one cow. Mix in some fruit. Add a dash of fun. How else do you make a milkshake?Posters were part of a hugely successful campaign to shift sales to adults while still keeping the core children’s market.Yazoo is the market leader and when these posters and the TV ad featuring a cow fired from a cannon went on test in Ireland, sales outstripped supply.Photography by George Logan


Mix Detect is designed specifically for Police Forces to help them gather telematic data on their vehicles and other assets to enable them to save money on fuel, servicing, vehicle usage and deployment. This helps them achieve their mandatory 20% budget cuts without cutting into front line services. Press and DM targeted at Chief Constables and their fleet managers.
Andy Sutton did the photography.

Recent print ads

A variety of ads for clients such as Western Union, Beringer wine, Bathstore, Kikkoman Soy Sauce and AXA Financial services. Bialetti as CD with Mats Persson.

Drink Sensibly Campaign

A local council and WFCA initiative to counter the effects of excessive festive drinking on an empty stomach.No one wants to be a party-pooper and no one wants to patronise people at Christmas by preaching at them about excessive drinking.
So, taking a realistic stance, these posters ask revelers to eat during their celebrations, thereby helping slow the effects of alcohol and making their night memorable for the right reasons.Photography by Richard Pullar

Pilgrims Choice Cheese

Pilgrims Choice are one of the few cheese producers to have their very own cheese graders.
So Graham the Grader was born. He appeared on everything from TV ads to trade and consumer press, right through to exhibition stands and PR.
On very limited budgets, Pilgrims Choice rose to number 2 in a highly competitive market dominated by mass produced cheeses sold almost exclusively using BOGOFs.Photographer Gary Bryan (Grader). Andy Sutton (toy)

Good Causes

Various ads for charities and good causes. Some had budgets, some were produced with just good will.
Photography by Gary Bryan (Scissorhands). Adam Dawe (CAF). Paul Windsor (Putney).

Not so recent print ads

Some oldies but goodies from my days at J Walter Thompson. Photography by; Bob Carlos Clarke (KitKat). Andreas Heumann (Esso). Gary Bryan (Oxo). George Kavanagh (Shell). Me (Persil). Karena Perronet-Millar (Boots).

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